Babies and young children


How does it work?

We initially start on dry land, settling into the space so that you and your little one can feel comfortable.
After a short while we enter the water ~ a 2m round hot tub pool, set at the optimum temperature for your baby to enjoy.

The water provides the density, resistance and comfort your baby experienced in utero; allowing everything to slow down and become smoother – which opens space for the story to be heard which we observe and listen to through your baby's movements, sounds and emotions. 

This openess gifts your baby with the space to find a different path to journey through with more potential to find you again with calmness, lightness and ultimately a wider response capability.
The tension they were holding can be released. 

Baby Therapy CaseStudy

One of our babies experienced a long and difficult birth, and the trauma of this showed itself in regular headaches and tightness in his body. In the Womb Room water, he was able to expand and rotate, move as he wanted to, and at his own pace. He found his mother in his own way, and this new sense of freedom and relaxation transformed his birth experience, and released him from the anxiety it had caused – without him even knowing it.


How much does it cost?

The initial 1.5 hour consultation is £45 per child.
The second consultation is based on a 1 hour timeframe at £30 per child.

The 2 initial appointments are intrinsic to each other so please be aware that the combined outlay of £75 should be taken into account when booking. 

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