The Programme

At the very start of our life journey, we spiralled through water, exploring the rhythms of our body

These movements and reflexes are the blueprints for our bodies and minds.

Primal movement patterns and sequences our bodies work through fire the neural pathways in our brains that aid in our developmental evolution.
These contribute to our ability to walk, talk, read, write, sit still, balance, swim and dance - and so much more.

If something occurs to interrupt these sequences while we are developing, the reflex pattern timeline can be compromised – and the reflex pattern may not be able to complete its role in our overall development.

That reflex pattern or response to stimuli and environment can then stay within the body ~ meaning that we often struggle with things that others seem able to do easily.


So how do we Revisit and work with them?

We can do it with Rhythmic Movement Training.


Babies and young children

Babies may have trouble sleeping, feeding, or settling.

We immerse them in the comfort of the “Water Womb Room” and open a safe space for them to feel into the memory.

Releasing and freeing the memory's hold on their little bodies gifts them with the space to find a new path and potential.

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Older children and adults

Older children and adults may struggle with anxiety, reading, writing, sitting still, and fear the dark.

With “Rhythmic Movement Training” we listen to the body, work through movement patterns to discover the held reflex, and help it to complete its journey, allowing the body to find and embrace its natural flow and rhythm.

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The venue - the Womb Room

All of our work is carried out in our purpose-build therapy room log cabin, in Potterspury (just north of Stony Stratford).

The space is divided between a 2 metre round hot tub that the cabin is lovingly named after, and an open floor space for the dry-land.

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It is not the challenges that define us, but how we respond to those challanges